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This is the page I monitor regularly. It includes the critical graphs I want to watch.

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Current Conditions at Leadville, Lake County Airport, CO


Temperature: 52.0 F (11.1 C)
Wind: Southwest at 11.5 MPH (10 KT)
Windchill: 48 F (9 C)
Dewpoint: 10.0 F (-12.2 C)

Last Updated on Apr 14 2024, 3:53 pm MDT

7 Day Forecast

Protect from Freezing
The following graph shows the areas where there are water pipes.
These should be kept around 10C and up, regardless of whether they are occupied.

Don't Waste Heat
The following graph shows the areas where there are NO water pipes.
These rooms can be fairly cold, but should be above 3C

The following graph shows the temperature in the loft (red line and area), and the temperature in the living room below (blue area).
Optimal temps are about 9C when not occupied, and 15C when occupied.

Electric Meter - Should be below 5 most of the time, with frequent drops to around 1 or zero.